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Congratulations to our Winners!

Grand Prize Winner
Mark Ellson
"We leverage exchanges to make our budgets go further each year. Especially overseas like in Japan where prices are so much higher on the economy. This allows our family dollar to go further in purchases, not only food but supplies that help get us by each and everyday. Our exchanges also support the local MWR programs which provides many needed programs."

1st Runner Up Winner
Jayson Child
"Our military benefits are very important for my family and I. The savings provided by the commissary and Navy Exchange have been an enormous help in supporting my family of five. In this day and age it can be very challenging just trying to make ends meet and so our benefits have become more than just a luxury, they are a necessity. As a Navy Chief, it is also important that my Sailors, many of which have families themselves, are able to enjoy the same benefits. Our military benefits play a big part in the quality of life for my Sailors which makes it much easier helping them to stay focused on their role in the Navy's mission. It is great to know that there are people out there just like the Save Our Benefit Coalition that share the concerns of service members about keeping our benefits."

2nd Runner Up Winner
Jennifer Torster
"Military shopping benefits are very important to my family. We find in many cases, the brands that the Commissary and PX carry are similar to what you might purchase off post but at a reduced cost. We find it extremely convenient that we live on post and can get nearly all of our weekly needs fulfilled by the commissary. We save hundreds of dollars a month in groceries alone by utilizing the Commissary. The money saved allows us to afford extracurricular activities our children enjoy and lets us save for their future education. We are also able to set money aside to enjoy family vacations without going into debt. Most important, we are able to add to our retirement fund with the money saved."

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