The Coalition To Save Our Military Shopping Benefits

The Coalition to Save our Military Shopping Benefits (Save Our Benefit) is working to protect service members and their families EARNED commissary and exchange benefits, and the critical savings they provide our military community. Save Our Benefit currently represents over 2 million service members (active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees, veterans), their families, survivors, people with disabilities, employees, and concerned citizens. Our growing number of “Valued Associate” members represent some of the largest, oldest, and most trusted military and veterans’ service organizations in the country, as well as those representing our newest veterans and family members.

Please join us today and let your voice be heard!

Passage of amendment protecting commissary benefits - Read
Inhofe floor speech on commissaries & privatization amendment

Senator's Inhofe and Mikulski's Amendment Addressing Privatization
- Save Our Benefit Urges All Senators to Support Inhofe-Mikulski amendment protecting 
commissaries from privatization - Read

Commissary Cuts Restored:
Senator Mikulski Amendment To Restore Commissary Cuts
- Coalition letter supporting Senator Mikulski's amendment to restore the cuts from the 
commissary program - Read 
- Senator Mikulski's Appropriation Amendment - Read
- National Military Family Association letter supporting Senator Mikulski's amendment to restore commissary funding - Read

- Coalition launches call-to-action urging members to write their Senators - Read
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