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08/27/2015  Coalition sends letter to Chairman and Ranking Members of Senate Committee on Armed Services (SASC) and House Committee on Armed Services (HASC) to hold a public hearing on privatization of the commissary system
07/09/2015  Coalition sends letter to House Armed Services Committee (HASC) and Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) urging the Senate and House to roll back provisions transferring operating costs to military patrons
06/17/2015  Passage of amendment protection commissary benefits
06/10/2015  Senator Mikulski's Appropriation Amendment
National Military Family Association letter supporting Senator Mikulski's amendment to restore commissary funding
Coalition letter supporting Senator Mikulski's amendment to restore commissary program cuts
SaveOurBenefit urges all Senators to support the Inhofe-Mikulski amendment protection commissaries from privatization 

National Military Family Association supports amendment protect from privatization
American Military Retirees Association supports Inhofe-Mikulski amendment
06/03/2015  Coalition launches call-to-action urging members to write their Senators
06/02/2015  National Military and Veterans Alliance opposes commissary cuts, privatization
Coalition warns Senate against radical, irreversible changes to critical benefits

05/08/2015  Coalition Sends Letter to House Armed Services Committee (HASC) and Senate Armed Services Committee(SASC) Urging Congress to Reject Budget Proposal to Cut $322 Million in Commissary Funding
04/16/2015  National Military and Veterans Alliance (NMVA) send Letter to House Armed Services Committee (HASC) an Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) 
Coalition Letter to House Armed Services Committee (HASC) and Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC)
National Military Family Association (NMFA) Collects Military Family Comments on DoD Budget Cuts 
Military Families respond to proposed commissary budget cuts
04/08/2015  Business, security experts call for caution in commissary reform
04/08/2015  American Logistics Association continues to “sound alarm” on commissary cuts

Concerns Arise About Opening Online Exchanges to Veterans
AAFES Makes Business Case for Allowing Veterans To Shop Online
Senate Appropriations Committee Rejects $200 Million Commissary Cut
Pay Panel Appears Wary of Cutting Compensation
Commission Seeks Service Member's Compensation Preferences
AAFES Hopes To Expand Online Shopping To More Veterans
SaveOurBenefit Supports and Sponsors NASCAR Coca-Cola 600
U.S. Senator Mark Begich sends letter to Chairman Armed Services Committee

Responses to DoD Request For Plan To Close Commissaries

Coalition responds to Stars and Stripes - DoD Shutter Commissaries (12/8/13)
Coalition responds to San Diego Union-Tribune - End of An Era? (12/5/13

Senators Kaine (VA) and Warner (VA) - Letter to the President (12/15/13)
Representative Walter Jones (NC)  - Letter to Secretary of Defense (11/25/13) - DoD requests plan to close stateside Commissaries (11/21/13)
Military Times - DoD seeks plan to shut all U.S. Commissaries (11/21/13)
spouseBuzz - Plan to close stateside Commissaries coming soon (11/21/13)
American Legion - "Enough is Enough" National Command Rips Proposal (11/27/13)

11/20/2013  Statements to Subcommittee on Military Personnel
Importance of Military Resale to Military Families

Statement - Mr. Patrick Nixon, President, American Logistics Association (ALA)
Statement -
 Mr. Thomas Gordy, President, Armed Forces Marketing Council (AFMC)
Statement -
 Mr. Joseph Jeu, Director, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) | Bio
Statement -
 RADM (Ret) Robert Bianchi, CEO, Navy Exchange Service Command
Statement -
 Mr. Williams Dillon, Director, Semper Fit & Exchange Services Division
Statement -
 Mr. Thomas Shull, Director, Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
Statement -
 Ms. Rosemary Freitas Williams, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
Statement -
 National Military Family Association (NMFA)
Witness List - Download

Commissaries Offer Farmer's Market Events in June and July, Warren Sentinel
Food Stamps: Military Families Redeem $100 Million A Year in SNAP Benefits, Huffington Post
37 Overseas Commissaries to Remain Open During Furloughs, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA)

American Logistics Association (ALA) and Coalition To Save Our Military Shopping Benefits Responds to "Costs and Benefits" in the Washington Post:
ALA Response
Washington Post Article
Economic Analysis Report
Center For Research
Press Release + Findings
BDN SaveOurBenefit Response
06/05/2013  The Coalition's Valued Associates' Editorial Responses to "Costs and Benefits" in the Washington Post: 
FRA  |  NMFA  |  AUSA  |  MOAA  |  AUSN
Tom Philpott with, Interviews Patrick Nixon, President of the American Logistics Association (ALA) About the Hiring Freeze and Budget Cuts for Military Commissaries
Price Experiment: Commissary vs Walmart, Amy Bushatz, spouseBUZZ
Exchange and Commissary News - Shining a Light on Military Families' Economic Lifeline - An Interview with Candace Wheeler, Coalition VP of Strategic Marketing and Communications.
02/01/2013  Coalition Battles Budget Threats to Commissary Services - 
A Stronger Case for Protecting On-Base Shopping by Tom Philpott, 
12/13/2012  Commissary Customers Pocket More Savings, Value
12/06/2012  Commissary Recycling Nets $5.3 Million for Surcharge
08/02/2012 MultiView’s Military Veterans Aid Veteran Associations
08/02/2012 Hawaii Radio Station KHVH 830 Interviews Patrick Nixon, President of ALA
07/26/2012 Military Officers Association of America Joins Coalition
07/16/2012  National Industries For The Blind (NIB) Joins Coalition
07/09/2012  Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) Joins Forces with SaveOurBenefit
07/07/2012 Reports on SaveOurBenefit's Mission to Fight For Military Shopping Benefits
07/02/2012 National Military Family Association (NMFA) Joins Forces with SaveOurBenefit
06/13/2012  Hawaii Reporter - Affiliate SaveOurBenefit Hawaii Discusses Commissaries and Exchanges as a Vital Part of Life in Hawaii
06/07/2012  American Logistics Association, Patrick Nixon, President of ALA, makes statement before congress on criticality of maintaining resale benefits | Statement | Press Release
04/27/2012 Armed Services Committee - Military Pay Increase Proposal
04/12/2012 DECA - Commissaries Announce Coupon Policy Changes
04/11/2012 Army Times - New Education Benefits Calculator Now Online
03/15/2012 Clarksville and Fort Campbell - Save Our Benefit Coalition Launches "$6,500 Savings" Contest to Military Families
03/15/2012 The New York Times - The Other One Percent - Another Military Tragedy, Reminder We Are Failing Our Soldiers
03/07/2012 Military Press Publications - Group Advocates to Save Commissaries and Exchanges
2/25/2012 - 500% Increase. Fort Hood Soldier with kids increased use of food stamps from $285,000 to more than $1.4 million
01/26/2012 Huffington Post - Pentagon Leaders outline plan to cut defense budget by $487 Billion
01/26/2012  The New York Times - Defense Budget Cuts Would Limit Raises and Close Bases
01/14/2012 American Forces Information Services - Navy Study into consolidating military exchanges will be the last, said Navy's Director of Force Support and Family Programs
11/28/2011 Senator Coburn Amendment No. 1370 to Defund and Consolidate Commissaries and Exchanges
11/16/2011  Defense Secretary Panetta Goes to Bat for Military Resale
11/15/2011 Food Stamp Use at Military Commissaries Up Sharply in Four Years
11/11/2011 Family Programs at Great Risk for Cuts
10/06/2011 Stars and Stripes - Commissary Director Says Discounts are Worth Double the Value of Tax Dollars Spent
08/30/2011 Plan to Combine Exchanges and Commissaries Would Raise Prices
08/25/2011 Protecting Commissaries from Budget Cuts
08/15/2011 Washington Times - Rep Wilson and Rep Davis State Commissaries and Exchanges Ease Hardship of Wearing Uniform
07/06/2011 Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Bill a "Sneak Attack" on Commissaries
06/30/2011 Tradeoff will Anger Base Shoppers
06/30/2011 Senate Committee Votes to Gut Commissary Program